Fabrication is a process that is made up of four steps: editing, cutting, routing and polishing. This is when we take all the information we have gathered up to this point and make magic. During this phase, your project starts to take shape and everything is finished to the correct specifications. The Trademark Universal Stone team collectively has over 20 years experience, meaning we’re well versed in surfaces of every kind. We use the latest technology on the market to produce the highest quality finish possible.


During the editing process, we take the time to study your slab and layout. We make sure that the movement in the slab runs in the same direction when the individual pieces are cut and installed in your space. Because one area of the slab can look different that another area of the same slab, we ensure that when a seam is needed, the joined pieces match. Our editing process is done with the latest version of Alpha Cam and AutoCAD programs. This enhances your digital template file and is used to communicate with our high-tech robotic machinery in the cutting process.


Once a job has been edited, the file is uploaded to our Baca Robotic Saw-jet. Our robot ensures the highest level of quality and precision. We are able to cut projects in record time and still maintain accuracy and quality. This piece of equipment sets us far apart from our competitors who still use ancient equipment. When a competitor tells you a lead time that’s weeks and months away, this is often due to the type of equipment they’re using. Our Baca Saw-jet also sets us apart by highly reducing human error. We invested in this technology because we are here to provide you with nothing but the best, and also because our robot is so dang cool!


After the cutting process is complete we send the digital file of your project to our CNC Fabrication Center where routing begins. This is when we take the raw cut edge of the stone and shape it to the custom edge that you’ve selected. Our CNC is custom fitted with a variety of edges to suit any style. Many shops use hand-held routers to create these edges, which results in waviness, dips and an uneven edge. Our goal is perfection, because that’s what you expect and deserve.


Let’s shine this baby up! After the edge has been applied our CNC will use our 5-step polishing process to bring out a high quality shine. Using a CNC or in-line polisher is the only way you can guarantee that you are getting the highest quality shine possible. Your edge should match the face of the stone. Many shops use a “wax” that they apply to the edge after they are done polishing by hand. The problem is that this wax will eventually rub off, and what’s left is a dull, smudged edge.

We also add a step to our polishing process that is foreign to similar facilities in our community. Because of the porousness of natural stone, we add a 6th step to our polishing system that includes a special two-part epoxy to fill in pores. Adding this step is the difference between good and great, and at Trademark Universal Stone, we settle for nothing less.