Quality Control

While the Trademark Universal Stone installers strive for and achieve perfection, our quality control process is an added guarantee that everything went as planned and that you are happy with our work. Our QC team will arrive to inspect your job shortly after installation to make sure everything is in excellent shape.

Six-Month Checkup

As an added service, we can plan a visit around the sixth-month mark after the installation of your project. We’ve found that the home has done most of its settling by this time. We’ll use this visit to make sure the seams are intact and your countertop is still in great condition. We’ll also make sure that the tops are still leveled and are in no danger of developing stress cracks.

Got a chip? No problem – we’ll fix it. We’ll also clean and reseal your top to ensure it retains its beauty for years to come. After we’ve completed the six-month checkup, we’ll extend your warranty for another year.