Our Team

From the initial vision to our final quality check, every member of our team is genuinely committed to doing the best possible work. And no matter which team you’re working with or which stage your project is in, you can trust we’ll bring our A-game and perfectionism.

The Template Team

Trademark Design fleetWe have the best template team in the industry. If it sounds like a bold statement, trust us – we’re qualified to make it. Our template team is detail-oriented, meticulous, and exact. They have to be because they are the foundation for everything that’s to come. They lay the groundwork for your project for the rest of the team.

Our template team is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that they get an exact blueprint of your space so that your project is as perfect as humanly possible. We use the two best templating systems on the market: the Proliner Digital Templating Computer and LT55 Laser Measuring System. Using two systems allows us to handle the unique intricacies of every project. And because we have a template team instead of just one individual responsible for the entire templating process, we’re able to move quickly and get the specifications of your job within a day or two.

The Front of the House Teams

We designed our system to have a dedicated team member at every step of the process to ensure you get the highest quality service from start to finish. Our “Front of the House” department consists of estimating teams, relationship & project managers, and logistics teams. When you send us a project to estimate, you’ll have it back within a few hours as long as you’ve provided us with everything that we need to quote it. We have relationship managers whose sole purpose is to follow up with everyone to answer any questions that you or your clients may have. Our project management team is efficient in gathering all the information needed to complete any project so that the project continues to move forward and time isn’t being wasted. The logistics team keeps the ball rolling. You and your client will know when we will be at the job site and what’s going on during the entire project.

Fabrication Team

Our fabrication team is made up of an editor, cutter, router, polishers, and an in-house QC team, and they’re some of the best professionals in the industry. They are efficient, they are precise, and they are fast! No matter how busy we are, our lead time will always be two weeks or less. A great fabrication team is the difference on whether you will get out of your scheduling conflict or not. These guys work hand in hand to make sure that your project is exactly what you’ve asked for. The editor lays it all out, the cutter makes sure its cut to the exact specs given by the template team, the router adds the beautiful edge, the polishers make sure you can see yourself in the shine, and the QC makes sure its perfect! Stop by anytime and we will show you how it all goes down.

Install Team

Our install teams are artisans of stone in their own right. Collectively they have over 30 years experience installing countertops throughout Kentucky. They’re skilled and careful tradesmen and always respectful of your family and your home. They’ve worked on 1000’s of new construction and remodels and typically complete about 12 jobs per day. Since 2010 their work has been seen by thousands of people who have attended Homearama and Charity Homes Events. Most of our guys have been with us since our inception, so it’s no surprise that our regular clients have come to know and love them. You can often see them riding down the streets and highways of Louisville and throughout many of the 502 neighborhoods.

QC Team

Trademark QC fleetThough our install teams strive for perfection, our QC team is there to ensure that our installers didn’t miss a beat. Our QC team is comprised of some of the best installers we’ve ever encountered. Their job is to make sure your project is as perfect as humanly possible. Our QC teams job is to go over your project with you after you’ve had some time to sit with it. They are there to make sure that the quality of your product is what we said we would deliver. If there is an issue our QC is there to make sure it’s fix to your satisfaction. We are not the best because we are perfect, we are the best because we know that mistakes are inevitable and because of that we have our QCs.