Cox Home New Construction

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Kristen & Randall Cox

Completion date


Project specifications

  • Tops for the main kitchen and lower level kitchen
  • Tops for Master bath and three additional baths
  • Main laundry and lower level laundry

These clients were so sweet, so thoughtful and such a joy to work with. They knew what they wanted but always trusted our professional opinion. They never held up the process and gave us the information that we needed as soon as we needed it. It was a blast assisting these clients in their selection and layout process. We had the opportunity to show off our design skills as well as our install skills with the massive island that went in the Cox residence. All our clients are special in their own way, but if every client were like Randall and Kristen our lives would be so much easier and our days filled with so much joy!

“My Husband and I decided to build our forever home. And as with anything you put time and money into, you want it to be perfect. We worked with a builder who aided and assisted in our decisions but also gave us the leeway to pursue other options. This was reassuring knowing we were not stuck in a situation to use a supplier that only the builder had built a relationship with.

We did our research to make the best decisions possible. We met with the countertop company recommended by our builder. They were friendly and helped us look at and evaluate our options, but the price seemed out of reach and the company was not interested in helping us stay within budget. After meeting with some of our other suppliers, the name Trademark Universal Stone was mentioned more than once.

We did our research and made a call to Trademark Universal Stone. We met Henry and looked through our options. I was so impressed upon meeting Henry. Henry and the Trademark Universal Stone team were very highly spoken of but that did not change the way our opinions were formed. I work and have worked in the customer service industry for many years. Henry and his team know what it means to go above and beyond. Henry shares the same values I believe in: to provide your customers or potential customers with amazing customer service, the kind that keeps you coming back for more. Henry did not rush us in our decisions, his follow through was precise as to what he promised and his desire to meet our needs was unparalleled.

Although this was a very expensive decision for my husband and me, I can assure you this was not the most expensive job Trademark Universal Stone has or will ever execute. And with that being said, Henry and his team treated my husband and me as if we were building the Taj Mahal.

Aside from the amazing customer service we received from Trademark Universal Stone, our questions and concerns were addressed with the same enthusiasm and genuine approach as in the beginning when Trademark Universal Stone was trying to earn our business. We were never treated as if we had invalid questions or concerns, and when we did have questions the team answered as if there were actual preparation for the answer. Many times when dealing with experts, the answer to an industry questions is answered with the tone of “this is how we do it,” meaning your question is invalid and we are not entertaining the thought of doing something differently. Trademark never made us feel that way.

Installation was completed without one hiccup, concern or problem. Henry’s team never caused scheduling conflicts for the builder. This made everyone very happy.

We could not be more pleased with the final product that Henry and his team provided. Our house is now a few years old and our granite/quartz/silestone is as beautiful as the day it was installed. I never miss an opportunity to share with friends and family the great experience we had with Trademark Universal Stone and Henry Berroa!"


Kristen & Randall Cox

  • Kristen & Randall Cox
  • Louisville, KY

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