Our Fleet

Our all-new fleet brings you the world’s most sophisticated countertops in the most elegant vehicles. Our fleet represents the ultimate in performance, operational efficiency, and style. We try to exude excellence in all we do and all that we are, and our fleet is just an extension of that. When you hire Trademark Universal Stone for your project, a different vehicle will show up for each part of the process.


Trademark 1: DESIGN is the 1st vehicle that will arrive at your home on the day of templating. It will show up fully equipped with the latest technology to start the design of your project. This is the part of the process where our template team will show up to create the blueprints that will be used to fabricate your material. This is the most important step because it sets the stage for the rest of the project.




Trademark 2: INSTALL is the 2nd vehicle that will arrive at your home on the day of installation. This vehicle comes with everything needed to install your custom made countertops in your beautiful home. When this truck pulls out of your driveway it means that you are ready to start creating memories in your new space on your new countertops.




Trademark QC fleetTrademark 3: QC is the final vehicle to show up at your home. This is where we double and triple check that all the work we’ve completed has been done to perfection and to your satisfaction. No one else in our industry has a dedicated QC vehicle, but we do. This is our way of showing you that we are committed to making sure you love the work that we have provided and ensuring that we got your vision right!