When it comes to design for clients who are not currently working with a designer, we use our expertise in aesthetics to plan for a beautiful finished product. We make sure that the flow of your home’s appearance is seamless, and we take great consideration of the color, movement, and feel of a stone before helping you make your selection. We use our technical granite expertise to ensure the correct stone is used for the correct space, and we inspect the stone and make sure the integrity of the product is intact. Then we analyze plans and ideas and work closely with our clients to come up with creative ways to bring those ideas to life. Let’s just say we leave no stone unturned.

Our design services are complementary to any of our clients and are the best option for clients who aren’t currently paired with a designer or who want to save money on the design process.

When you choose Trademark Universal Stone, you’ll be supported every step of the way. We’re here to help you through:

Stone Selection

We’ll accompany you to make your stone selection, whether this takes place at one of our granite suppliers or in our remnant yard. We do this because we know this step can sometimes be overwhelming. As fabricators, we know what to look for.

Project Templating

Templating takes place before fabrication but after design, when we take a digital blueprint of your project. We do this by using the latest technology to ensure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes. The blueprint gives us the road map that allows us to take a raw slab of stone and create a beautiful and custom piece that will finish out any space.

Often, people think they can skip the templating process and provide their own dimensions for us to speed up the fabricating process, but this is not recommended and usually leads to errors, costly mistakes, and a longer waiting period.

Information Gathering

This is when we’ll ask you the most questions about your project. Why? Because we want your project to come out exactly how you envision it. Every project is as unique as you. We want to know your style and preferences so that we can help bring your vision to life.

Slab Layout

Slab layouts are very important. Stone can come in many different shades, patterns and colors. The layouts allows you to pick the areas you love and give input about how your stone is cut and positioned in your space. We’ll also talk with you about seams and natural stone movement.